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Highschool (another rant)

I moved schools a lot, so I really have no idea what to think abt  this one.

This is one of those stereotypical schools that people go to, and everyone vapes and has intercourse. 

Idk what else to say, honestly.

The idea of highschool used to be cool to me, but I can only imagine the 2000s kids having a more enjoyable time.

Back when people were cool and famous for having a talent, not another disorder.

And everyone was into stuff, and were cool at least because they were pretty, or nice, or even did stuff during the summer.

This school is the definition of cringe.

Everyone looks the same, and as much as everyone wants to be different they still get classed because of personality traits. Sometimes they fake it. Every so often you meet someone nice, but not always. 


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