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"if i eat an m&m does that mean i ate eminem"

if i eat an m&m does that mean i ate eminem

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Mood: if i eat an m&m does that mean i ate eminem

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Hello,i've created this blog to introduce you to the event: PRIDEFALL Question you might be asking : Is Pridefall safe? ABSOLUTELY NOT! What is Pridefall? Pridefall is and cyber-attack event.Where people send you friend requests. Not normal requests,but requests that can track your IP,doxx you and hack you. WARNING: This will start in the June of 1st. During this time, DO NOT accept requests from ... » Continue Reading

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Wikipedia,that was wrote by a million people.Looks like its just 1 person writing it all If you put tap water in a bottle,then put it on the store shelves,its a thousand times more expensive? If youre 32,arent you older than all the cats and dogs on earth? On average,the most number of friends you can remmember is 200 right? In 10 years,"i thought it was vr"might be an actual defense from a crime.... » Continue Reading

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social media,where i game an games i play!

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Hello call me Valkyrie! !sorry for interuption but its important.i dont share pics.pics that are having:face,hands,etc...! tt user==_valkyriex_ insta==v4lk_1 ----------------------- if im being honest with u,i game on laptop.😓 windows 10 user --------------------------------- i play:roblox and phone destroyer  roblox games i play:evade,catalog avatar,etc.. » Continue Reading

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