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Faith/ Insanely

Category: Writing and Poetry

Faith One step away from madness Irrational fears Incoherent ramblings as spit pours from your mouth  The devils watching you  Your friends feed your delusions  A hellhound in a cage. Can't sleep Three heads much to big for the prison trapping it And like a hellhound, you bite and scratch, and wine Bitting the hand that feeds you , like any mutt it hides behind its barred teeth and red eyes Fear, ... » Continue Reading

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Character playlist (gamzee makera &jeff the killer)

Category: Books and Stories

https://open.spotify.com/playlist/54fuculVSVojiqipGf4D5x?si=fe86556acbd74d20 Character playlist for Gamzee Makera from homestuck if anyone is intrrsted  and jeff the killer https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5NKKcgCctMapaZMr2bhGbF?si=e2d208e978734a32 » Continue Reading

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A poem I wrote today (dog-hearted)

Category: Writing and Poetry

Dog-hearted  Cowardly, cruel, inhuman  I've always been warned about dogs, unpredictable  My father hates them, all of them No sympathy for the being that can’t think for itself Rabid and bleeding Foaming at the mouth Like a lost helpless animal, my teeth bare at the people who want to help Love will find you like a bullet, through the skull Cut out ribcage Bruised like a mutt, inhuman, incapable ... » Continue Reading

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