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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

they should delete the verification thing that you get when you add a new person to your friends list, because it's so annoying and taking too much time; you can add blogs to your favourites section; you can comment gifs, stamps or blinkees on someone's profile you can send a messange with the enter button when IM'ing someone, you can send images to that person using the code , or just pasting the... » Continue Reading

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MY ALL TIME MUSIC FAVOURITES <3 (a lot of 6arelyhuman)

Category: Music

Hello guyz!!1! these are my favourite songs!↙ Hands up! (by 6arelyhuman, kets4eki, Pixel Hood) NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER (by Odetari) XOXO (kisses hugs) (by 6arelyhuman, horrormovies) Party like a millionaire (by Millionaires) I like money (by Millionaires) Party addict (by kets4eki, nosgov, kojo) GOT UR NUMB3R (by bugcried) Toxic (by 6arelyhuman, pröz, d3r) Scene Halloween (by 6arelyhuman... » Continue Reading

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give me music recommendations!! X3

Category: Music

Give music recommendations! >_ < You can give me scenecore, rock, hyperpop or just music that you like recommendations, I will love to review all the songs you sent! » Continue Reading

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what country are you from?? . ω .

Category: Quiz/Survey

Hiiiiiii!! o_O where r ya guyz from? i've seen a lot of people here are from the US, but are there people who are from Europe? comment down what country r u from!! :3 (>_ » Continue Reading

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