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Got some new plants

Category: Blogging

Went to Home Depot and got some Okra plants. Planted them all in buckets next to the peppers, where they'll get a ton of sun. Looking forward to when harvesting time comes around, when i'll get to eat plenty of deep-fried okra. Kinda annoyed by how they were being sold though, since there's multiple grouped together in a single section, which will make things more crowded as they grow. will probab... » Continue Reading

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Been reading-up a bunch on Bacon's Rebellion.

Category: School, College, University

There's some surprisingly interesting stuff there, especially once you start digging into the diplomatic systems between the colonists and the various Indian tribes. One good article I read about it is Bacon's Rebellion in Indian Country by James D. Rice, and while I think he might exaggerate some parts here and there, it is still pretty informative. It's a shame how little people seem to know abo... » Continue Reading

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