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Category: Life

hai chat  I  haven't logged on in a while so hi,  I  hope your guys' day is going at least okay, love y'all X33 » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I open oranges with pencils » Continue Reading

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writing blog in school again

Category: Life

im eating an orange rn, we get to do misssing work to catch up and stuff but since I don't have anything I get to mess around on one of the class laptops ^_^  I finally was able to wake up early but my ass didn't sleep until 4AM so im still eeby gleeby and shi so ermm  » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

bro i need more dsaf friends i love dsaf so much, i only have one friend group of people who ackshually like dsaf :(( ALSO DIALTOWN i I've been so hyperfixated on dial town and dsaf since they came out  live laugh love dsaf Dave and dialtown Oliver (btw if you roleplay and like dsaf or dial town uhh hmu :333 /nf /srs) » Continue Reading

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In social studies rn X33

Category: Life

im in school rn and my teacher finally letting us on laptops, cool asf but its so LOUD these kids are screaming at each other because they're playing online gsmes and actual games like Jeenga and stuff its so loud and I'm bouta cry frfr BUTT I finished my history papers finally,, I been so late on them because I had so many medical appointmentds last month for therqpy and shi 😭 anyway jus wanted t... » Continue Reading

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I feel sick bro💀💀

Category: Life

im in sch0ol rn just after lunch and I drank three cartons of milk, a whole bottle of wat4r, and ate a n entire bag of Doritos  I feel like I'm gonna be sick, I got a headache and fatigue is hitting me hard bro💀 I GOT A SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT TO DO BRU » Continue Reading

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