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Category: Music

HEY let me show you my favourite children!! whew excuse the awkward cropping  this is my 3-disc box set of Rainbow Kitten Surprise Live from Athens Georgia in TANGERINE ! RKS has been my favourite band for about 3ish years now and i am absolutely in love with this set! each disc comes with their own graphic sleeve, the box itself has a plastic sleeve with the band members' silohuettes, and the lyr... » Continue Reading

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Bite-size Creachurs: Orca!

Category: Pets and Animals

It's apex predator time! Let's talk about the Orca! (I'm actually really excited because a HUGE pod was seen where I live and I'm hoping and praying I get to see them!  okay maybe it isn’t that good because they do threaten the local sea lion population but still. Yup, the Killer Whales that are not even remotely whales. Orcas are a type of toothed whales, which describes a parvorder of cetaceans ... » Continue Reading

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Bite-size Creachurs: Yellow Boxfish!

Category: Pets and Animals

These guys weren't there :-( Let’s talk about the Yellow Boxfish! These spotted yellow sugar cubes are tropical fish from the Indo-West Pacific waters, where they inhabit coral reefs. Their name comes from their cuboid shape (obviously lol). They have an armoured, rigid body with prominent horns and a stumpy appearance, which makes them look like boxes with tiny, super fast fins. When they're babi... » Continue Reading

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Bite-size Creachurs: Sunfish!

Category: Pets and Animals

OOOO do you know what time it is?? Question: what weighs a ton (yet has teeny tiny 730 Mb DNA), lays up to 300,000,000 egs every mating season, and once leaped over a boat to land flat on a toddler?  That's right! Let's talk about the  Mola Mola,  the Ocean Sunfish. Around 68 million years ago, evolution diverged a single species into two, very distinct animals: the Pufferfish and the Sunfish. The... » Continue Reading

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Bite-size Creachurs: Nurse Shark!

Category: Pets and Animals

I’ll start this little blog by talking about one of my favourite animals: the nurse shark! These sea puppies are part of the Chondrichthyes class of cartilaginous fish — to which all sharks belong, for they don’t actually have a skeleton, but a cartilaginous skeleton that lets them float more easily (fun fact: the older a shark is, the heavier their bones are, due to calcium salts they deposite in... » Continue Reading

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