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Category: Blogging

My mother just said my father hasn’t gone out of surgery and I just found it he was but in the icu how does she expect to do anything with panic  » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Stop I was with my sister at the store buying food and I’m a shifter so I was thinking abt my dr and kid u not I hear someone call my name. Ik it happens but if you seen wandavision yk when when they call her from the tv and they say Wanda like is a radio station static that’s what I heard but saying my name and it’s like I shift to another reality cuz I stood in radio silence for a minute and eve... » Continue Reading

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my sisters obession

Category: Blogging

mi sisters obession with mark whalberg in the movie FEAR. she has developed a whole brain subject dedicated to him in her mind files. THIS MAN IS SO FINE OMGGGGGG. loving wife she will be if he came to her. like what I WOULD DO JUST FOR HIM TO WIFE ME UP. » Continue Reading

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idk my family igz

Category: Life

"If only you knew how little i knew about the things that actually mattered"-cmbyn. it went something like that ; < life has been a rollercoaster for me. my parents think just becasue ive been handed things my whole life that i have zero feeling to things. i guess in a way theyre right i do have zero emotions being handed cash instead of saying sorry can do that to you. love my family but if thing... » Continue Reading

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