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Poggger Blogger

Category: Writing and Poetry

WHats up poggers and bloogers, just put up mu space hey account and now we rolling. From here on out I will be outleting the worst parts of my psyche to this blog. If you are an alt girl please unsubsribe because things are gonna get a little hot and heavy. do subscrive if you get a little devios on weekdays. until next time Will the pill » Continue Reading

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Operation: Mound, not Pit

Category: Writing and Poetry

No matter what we do, we toil. If we do nothing at all, our desires and regrets and anxieties still put us into a state of toil. This toil is akin to digging a pit. A pit is something you hide in, isolated, invisible from a distance. We can can be contented with our hole, but it is a lonely contentment. I am tired of digging a hole, all the worry without any of the result. I want to build a mound,... » Continue Reading

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We made it?

Category: Writing and Poetry

ALright boys, I have a gf(f) (20). Have we made it? Perhaps. But I realize, in times of change such as this, what I apreciate about my status quo. To be beholden to someone, especially with the pressures of "sociatal" dating, is nothing to toss a rock at. But I think that attempting to open myself to other peoplle, emotionally and romanticly, not to mention other potential benefits, seems like mor... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Im losing steam. Waking up later, missing more classes. On the bright side, Im feeling particularly connected to my creative side, more passionate about art and my chosen field. This too will pass, but as always Im striving where I can, but alas, I am weak. » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I loaded up one of my favorite idle games on my friends laptop, hoping they would experience the joys of candy box 2. however instead of buying any of the things, she just watched the number go up without buying anything to spite me. Then, after 40 full minuters of taking my idle bounty for granted, she started to play, but would only do what I directly said she should do. Thus playing the game, b... » Continue Reading

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