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everlasting bipolar guilt

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New intro

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My names Ian, i go by he pronouns and i'm gay. I'm part of a D.I.D system but i will be the one mostly blogging on this account. I'm planning on using it as like a digital diary. I have Bipolar disease, and will probably talk about that frequently/mention my symptoms. I'm interested in politics, art, and black and white photography. » Continue Reading

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DNI CRITERIA 🫦🫦🫦🫦🫦 (basic) homophobic/transphobic, racist, sexist, pedo/“mAp”, xenophobic, anti vax/mask, trump supporters, ableists, people who support eugenics, fascism, the patriarchy, pro gun laws, and the GED being used on autistic children. additional personal stuff ppl 20+ (i’m a minor it makes me UNCOMFY), people under 13 (so like if ur 13+ or 19- ur good), serious DNF shippers (it makes m... » Continue Reading

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Suicidal loved ones

Category: Blogging

My boyfriend is in the hospital. I dont know how long it'll be till he's out. I don't know if he attempted before telling his therapist. I feel useless, i wish i could save him. I wish i could fix all of this. » Continue Reading

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Psych ward lol

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Just came back from the psych ward, my dad blocked Tumblr, Discord, Tiktok, Twitter, Reddit, and Pintrest. Apparently talking to my friends was making me suicidal. Well im back here, and bored af. -Jules 🩷 » Continue Reading

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hiya uh our name is Ram basic info! (ig): minor! - osdd-1b system - physically and mentally disabled - artist - open for commissions - neurodivergent - big on all kinds of crafts - mobility aid user - alt! - queer - activist - pro choice - use “we” and “i” pronouns interchangeably our pronouns are he/him & xe/xim nice to meet y’all » Continue Reading

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