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William you know it’s bad to stalk minors accounts

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ranting!!!!! (transphobic guy part 2)

Category: Blogging

guys I looked his name up online (William A. Ferguson) and he has accounts for like EVEYRTHING I did it as a joke at first but he posts like everyday on like everything. What 53 year old dude is posting on twitter, Facebook, spacehey, instagram, ETC ETC and has a podcast too. (I didn’t click on links, his accounts all pop up as the first options on Google so I didn’t have to dig AT ALL) anyways I’... » Continue Reading

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transphobic guy

Category: Blogging

guys the William A Ferguson guy blocked me I think, as a joke I looked up his name and now I know his address, city, where he works, and his family all from his Facebookđź’€ lucky for real I’m not a doxxer because he is spitting out bullshit on his page for a grown man (making up situations and is supa transphobic LMAOO) » Continue Reading

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