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"I've been a residential hospital"

🏳‍⚧ My name is Luke, I'm 15 and I like cartoons.

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journal prompts

Category: Writing and Poetry

What comes to mind first when you think of what makes you feel safe? Hospitals, they always seem so clean and minimalist. If you feel bad in any way you can always talk to a nurse, they’ll know what to do. It feels like nothing can go wrong, but a lot can, I forget why I’m there, it’s not a vacation I’m there because I’m sick and I need help. It makes me think “How long will I be here?” After a wh... » Continue Reading

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TW: kinda graphic poetry

Category: Writing and Poetry

I am my own cage and I can never leave this place I’m glued to my own fate and I can never leave a trace I wish I could escape, I wish I could fly away And leave my organs on the ground and the blood rushing out of my horrid face I’m decaying inside myself, and no one will let me out, I’m slowly losing hope I can feel my brain melting, it’s excruciating, I’d like to leave this hell.  » Continue Reading

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The Romanticization of mental illness

Category: Blogging

The romanticization of mental illness is when people think of mental illness more positively rather than how it should be treated. People do this for a multitude of reasons including: self-worth issues, influence, attention, and because they don’t see mental illness as something bad. Mental illness in itself is not bad to have, but to think of it as something positive is wrong because it’s not sol... » Continue Reading

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