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Category: Web, HTML, Tech I made the acc and forgot about it, im definitely a different person now ‘-‘  [but I still love the colour purple ] » Continue Reading

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rambles lol

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I've entered the phase of my coding skill where I don't use or anymore and only make 's for literally every element XD is it necessary? no. does it keep me organized? yes! » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

i dont care if a background isnt usually put there. if i can find a place to put a background, im gonna put one in. search button? hell yes footer links? yes interest and comment table? of course [as long as its different from the box that those are in] backgrounds r LIT  » Continue Reading

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Lets be friends ?!

Category: Friends

What's up people, I've been lurking on spacehey for a while but just haven't made an account.  Feel free to add me UNLESS: -- -ur a current d!ce member/supporter [GTFO] -ur uncomfy with me using slurs that I can reclaim -ur name is c0rrey or a spelling variant of it [don't ask!] -you've deluded urself into thinking you like deftones as much or more than me. -you've deluded urself into  thinking th » Continue Reading

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