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Explaining What a Xenogender Is!

Category: Life

Hello! This blog will be me explaining and talking about what is a Xenogender. If you do not like this kind of content, then please just block me or ignore the post. And for the rest of you, please enjoy! Comment any Xenogenders I should cover  What is a Xenogender? If you are aware of what a Xenogender is, then you can skip this part lol! A Xenogender is a gender outside of the "normal" gender bi... » Continue Reading

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New Xenogender Account!

Category: SpaceHey

Hello Everyone! I'm a new Xenogender account and will talk about different kinds of Xenogenders and their sub categories!!! Please Dni if you are a Xenogender anti, Map, Proshipper, Racist, Homophobe, (baisic dni) This is a safe space for Xenogenders and Neopronoun users as well as people who want to learn about Xenogenders and Neopronouns My tiktok account is: I no longer have a » Continue Reading

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