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Category: Blogging

everyone’s talking about school stuff when life happened and i’m now i’m just not in school for some reason lol, i’m trying my best to keep my brain cells alive, already almost completely forgot what grade i was in xd ok not funny, this isn’t funny my brainline is receding » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

i have to renew my passport or whatever the fuck, and i have to get my picture taken, noooo i hate it. but after i get it, i’ll go to méxico and get my braces, yay méxico. » Continue Reading

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sparkling water..

Category: Food and Restaurants

i’m totally anti-sparkling water, what’s the deal with it? they make it smell so good, but it tastes absolutely disgusting, AND IT DOESNT EVEN QUENCH YOUR THIRST. also everything makes me gassy so when i drink sparkling water it makes me burp a ton and makes me hungryಥ_ಥ » Continue Reading

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