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never happening ideas Picrew edition!!!

Category: Blogging

Tbh I'm wanting to make a picrew but it looks so complicated to upload files and all that. No suprise but I am absolutly terrible computers and stuff IRONICHLY I got an award for technology in primary school. Anyways If I do it would take forever but I would never stop bragging about it. ALSO I don't get why people re-upload picrews and act like they made it themself like most ppl don't even check... » Continue Reading

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I need to pee

Category: Life

Broski nation I think I have autism (REAL**GHOST**3:00AM**NOTCLICKBAT**GONE WRONG) » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Writing from my phone instead of my  comuter this time *ghasp*. Anyways life update, I've started taking naps and unremated but my school is gonna run a mental health thingy. Ironicly it starts tmr and the night before I have gone down a rabbit hole that ends with a 'reach out for help' link *poof*! I'm going back to in person school after they cut us out since they didn't have enough teachers or ... » Continue Reading

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r/ fiction

Category: Blogging

Does anybody else ever get so into a peice of media they mix up what's real and what isn't? I mean it doesn't get to the point were I can't funtion as a person but sometimes I wish I was the charaters in the game or shows. I mean of course the world they live in is terible and scary, and to be honest I get scared by everything...but still all I can think about is theese charaters. My friends get s... » Continue Reading

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water people??

Category: Blogging

How do people come up with ideas for what human would look like if they evolved to live in the water, I doubt we would resemble humans at all and would just look like weird fish. I mean we came from water origionaly right so what's the point of evolving to land, then back to water! This makes me wonder what it would be like in a paralel universe were butterflys never had wings, they might not surv... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Wow! I'm like an internet angel:D everything can be seen from my screen, even me! How cool is that. » Continue Reading

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