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you are all the bright things

Category: Writing and Poetry

you were something bright like headlights and i was roadkill, waiting a collision for eternity isn't romantic unless it stops time but you know me i set the walls up i turn the radio up i am coffee to your sunrise maybe unnecessary but we fit somehow true love doesn't happen once, it's only when you believe in it and i'm the last of the truly devoted i fall too fast i fall too hard like i always d... » Continue Reading

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an imitation of the inanimate

Category: Writing and Poetry

the fan in the corner is humming and humming and i'm dreaming of something that i've never had. wishing and writing and loving and loving and nothing is real except for the sound of a stranger laughing like summer never ends,  never ends,  outside of my window outside of the window of life that i've lived. i am so small and the world is so big and my life is the longest that i'll ever live so i'm ... » Continue Reading

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would you throw away everything promised to you?

Category: Writing and Poetry

life before me is a tapestry, a melody, whatever gentle metaphor you find at the bottom of the box, patched together in a hum of dizzy dreaming. sign off with a smile, captain, don't want to worry your crew. it's all for you anyways, or it will be someday. (that's what they all say.) somewhere in the tangled mess of color that is this wreck of an Earth people are falling in love, people are fallin... » Continue Reading

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and nothing happened

Category: Writing and Poetry

i think june is bleeding away like every month before her. what's beauty to a metaphor?  we find comfort in change. spring summer autumn winter, over and over and over. this Christmas things will be different, you think but you just want everything to stay the same in a different way. familiarity in static. and maybe life is built for monotony. everything is circular, right? everything cycles over... » Continue Reading

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new here

Category: Blogging

im new here but i think im gonna just blog n post poetry n all that jazz :/ so hi its nice to meet ya. talk to me. ~tuesday » Continue Reading

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