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16, mcr. add me i'd love to meet new peeps, i love myself

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Category: Travel and Places

for someone who's been wanting to travel since i was 7 i'd say its pretty big for me, i'm looking forward to study travel and tourism when i start collage in September!! i mean thats one reason, the other reason why bc my mum keeps me in this house all day everyday, so i'm looking forward to collage:))) » Continue Reading

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to the guy who made me fall in love with him then left me for A 13 YEAR OLD

Category: Life

i would just like to say. first of you could of left me with someone who isn't UNDERAGE he's 17 years old turning 18 in 4 days like what you absolute creep!! ugh whatever i know i'm hot anyways, can't believe i lowered my standers for you, never again i'm lowering my standers. oh well i'm still thriving in my own little world like this is my world and he's just living in it. » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

just re living my childhood dreams, i remember watching this movie and this girl was typing to her friends to an app like this and this website is literally my childhood, I'm 16 starting collage soon!! cant wait tbh i'll finally be out of this house, it feels like i'm trapped in this house so i cant wait to start collage, i will hopefully be studying  travel & tourism.  » Continue Reading

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