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"i luv pooksie pie :3"

15, CST time zone (IL), he/they !! :3


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dni / interact / byi ^_^

Category: SpaceHey

more like a block list than a dni dni : : basic dni (racist, ableist, homophobic, basically just if u hate people who havent done anything bad to anyone) n ppl who SUPPORT people that do (obvi) zionist liveleak/ttc people proshippers/comshippers "prolife" / antiabortion people that liek. romanticizes peoples problems if that makes esnse??? like people that romanticize disorders n stuff people that... » Continue Reading

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i hate spacehey right now

Category: SpaceHey

theres  people that romanticize murderers everywehre and people attacking my friends over literally nothing i know making this blogs giving them attention which is what they want but its actually fucking insane. so many of my old friends turned out to be disgusting p eople who think literal serial killers are attractive or redeemable or cool and now i practically have to question every single one ... » Continue Reading

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unedible things ive eaten/put in my mouth rated

Category: Food and Restaurants

sand - 9/10 crunchy but also hard to get OUT ur mouth pool/river water - 2/10 hurts my throat also the thoughts that piss is in there grosses me out pennies - 9/10 taste but i havent SWALLOWED one since i was like 4 playdoh - 7/10 havent done this since i was like 8 but from what i remember it was tasty tbh 2 seperate stress ball thingies - both 9/10 before the popped but the orbeez once was a 1/1... » Continue Reading

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