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i need more music

Category: Music

to be quite honest i have zero clue on what my music taste is. ppl ask and i blankly stare and throw out genres i knew i listened to when i was below the age of 10; mostly for the factor i listened to what my brothers listened to, and they knew what to call it. i would love for some comments to introduce me into their bands, or tell me about some small artist who you think i might like. i would ho... » Continue Reading

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i have no idea what is going on

Category: Blogging

its 2:22 am, i have no complete idea on why i wanted to create this, but I have. maybe you could be apart of some of my ideas and thoughts, idk and idc. i have zero idea on how this website works at all. but i shall figure it out no matter what, most likely on my own. hopefully i dont rage quit whatever i am doing. i may or may not use this as a public diary for ppls opions, thoughts, and comments... » Continue Reading

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