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Three Good Things

Category: Writing and Poetry

Think of three good things. A day can be filled with death, illness, and worry but a penny on the sidewalk, not being in a hurry a jolly rancher at the bottom of my coat pocket, one I haven't worn in weeks.  » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

She would open the kitchen drawer, and as it moved, I felt pain run through every inch of my body. Inch after inch, uneasy, crooked, wooden kitchen drawers. A shudder of fear would slip down my backside, in a way to cower from becoming known, and yet, I would cry. The drawer was open completely, now, in a single moment that felt like minutes, and she reaches inside for a big, scary knife. Mama doe... » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

It's raining again. It rains all the time.                                         Most of the time, the past doesn't matter. Even inside. It rains in my bedroom.                                         It matters when it starts raining. I keep having to change my bed sheets.                                         Do you ever think about me? I don't like the way my bed keeps soaking it up.       ... » Continue Reading

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Trigger Warning, themes of s/h and religious trauma

Category: Writing and Poetry

Crucifix carved on your forearm Cursing thoughts that fight to succeed, Crushing your brain with the fists of God and hoping your father will notice you bleed. As I eat the remains of rotting gums Will I ever be proud of what I've become?  It was worse before, it could be worse again, as I'm standing, sinking, up-right none-the-less.  » Continue Reading

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Wed. Feb 1st, 8:46 a.m.

Category: Friends

There is an overwhelming amount of categories on this website, so I have no idea where to even start with blog posts. For the time being it's either gonna be crochet patterns, poetry, or random posts like this where I just ramble about whatever I'm thinking about. I'm super excited to just make some new friends and find some like-minded creative people to talk to.  To start, some introductions. My... » Continue Reading

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