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15, white, syshost, uk, not cis or het . PFP: @jeebits ON TUMBLR

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myspace abt me survey (stolen :P)

Category: Blogging

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF name: toby !!! nickname: dunno .... no one callz me nicknames how old are you: 15 zodiac sign: aries current location: MY BEDROOM !!!! eye color: blueish grey hair color: brown but soon 2 be reddish ginger brown!!!! hair type: wavy ? if thats wut u mean ,,,, soon 2 be curly !!!! height: hmmm dunno but last time i checked (last year) i was 5'6 your heritage: welsh !!!!! engli... » Continue Reading

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woaa o.O so epik !!!!

Category: Blogging

doooood i feel leik itz 2006 nd itz deh best feeling evr xD DIS IS SO EPIK !!! evn wen usin modrn tech such az dis cmputr nd discrd nd stuffz i still get tht feeling !!! i wish i cud uze 2000z versionz of websitez rlly :P even if they werent made back den u cud still jzt... 2000sify it !! itz da saem thing wth yootoobz o.O leikkk da vidz stay da saem but da layout nd look of da site iz from da 200... » Continue Reading

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