myspace abt me survey (stolen :P)

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF name: toby !!! nickname: dunno .... no one callz me nicknames how old are you: 15 zodiac sign: aries current location: MY BEDROOM !!!! eye color: blueish grey hair color: brown but soon 2 be reddish ginger brown!!!! hair type: wavy ? if thats wut u mean ,,,, soon 2 be curly !!!! height: hmmm dunno but last time i checked (last year) i was 5'6 your heritage: welsh !!!!! english !!!!! 7% scottish i remember that vividly..... ty ancestry what's your middle name: lee !!!!! (i disregard anything abt my deadname, including middle/last names, toby lee anderson is my desired full name) shoes you wore today: idk wut they r but theyre cute :333 zip up boots cus i can only wear boots with tight zips your weakness: men /vpos your fear: f.riend s hating me,.,, have you ever ridden a mechanical bull: nuh uh do you want to: nope goal you would like to achieve this year: never thought abt that actually .... first thought when you wake up: dunno x3 best physical feature: eyes, back of my hands, thighs who is your bestest friend: wohahhh i have multipel ...... max ....., charlie ....... dyl ...... cat collective ........ and friendz on here who want 2 be considered one ..... when is your bedtime: mom doesnt set 1 4 me anymoar but i usually go 2 sleep around 8-11pm x3 your most cherished memory: woahhhh idk pepsi or coke: colaaaa mcdondalds or burger king: either !!!!! single or group dates: either :33 what is the last song you sang: do i wanna know by arctic monkeys !!!! does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive: idk :PPP im fine with either what is your biggest pet peeve: being meaaaaaan do you sing: self taught actually !!!! i only do it in private what color underwear do you have on: a mix of colorz... do you want to go to college: idkkkk have you ever been in love: yes !!!! do you wnat to get married: yes :333 do you believe in yourself: uhhh idk do you believe in others: yes do you like thunderstorms: yup but da lightning gets scary if it comes 2 close 2 me.... do you play an instrument: noooope what do you want to be when you grow up: i fantasize a lot abt being a youtuber/streamer/musician, like jacksepticeye, markiplier, lemon demon, and weird al all got mushed 2gether..... but speaking realistically no idea ..... what country would you like to visit: murica so i can see my friends !!!! how many CD's do you own: i dont own any but my mom does !!!!!! she owns a ton how many DVD's do you own: movies ? a loooot but theyre all likely lost by now :((((((( how many tattoo's do you have: none !!!!! how many piercings do yo have: used 2 have a septum piercing and ear piercingz but theyre out now !!!!! how many things in the past do you regeret: ..... okay anyways FAVORITES shoes: knee high zip up converse radio station: none drink: iced coffee car: none place: anywhere with cats song: i have a bunchhh movie: girl, interrupted + mitchells vs the machines + megamind + freaky moment: talking 2 friendsssssss color: neon blue and orange meal: cheese and salami sammich with mayo :33 IN A GUY/GIRL favorite eye color: any favorite hair color: any short or long hair: any height: depends on who im dating, fem aligned gender + expression ? shorter, masc aligned gender + expression ? TALLER TALLER TALELER body type: an.y..... dad bod.s...... buff......... drool does ethnicity matter: why does this question even matter ...... it doesnt ..... piercings: idc :333 tattoos: idc !!! x3 BED SIDE MANOR do you think you are attractive: its like . my face structure changes so sometimes yes most the time no are you attracted to someone who does not know it: nope, all the people i love romantically atm r fictional :brokenheart: would you like to be someones fantasy: yis hunter or hunted: ? do you kiss with your eyes closed or open: uhhhhhh dependz .... usually closed a little or a lot of tongue: never kissed w tongue b4 but idm :333 older or younger: older pls !!!!!!!!!!!!!! either my age or older lights on/lights off or candle light: any :33 do you like to cuddle after: yis do you like to cuddle in general: yes !!!! RIGHT NOW what is todays date: 28th of may 2023 !!!! what time is it: 8:30pm who are you thinking of: cats what are you listening to: arctic monkeyz do you love someone: i love a lot of people platonically but again the only people im romantically in love with atm r fictional do you know where your mechanical bull is: WHY DO U KEEP ASKING THIS and no does someone love you: i s;ure hope so is it raining: no :( how many myspace friends do you have: as im typing this, 93 !!!! eeek almost 100!!! are you happy: yes !!!! RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE FINISHED W/ THIS SURVEY link:

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