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Is it just me? or...

Category: Religion and Philosophy

Does it seem like something in the world, or the energy from the universe is off? Or a shift in the dynamic of things? And things are getting ready to make a drastic change, much quicker than any of us are really anticipating? Something has been feeling off to me for a couple months now, and it just feels like whatever is coming is going to be BIG. It doesn't particularly feel like it's going to b... » Continue Reading

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A viking woman named Gudrid traveled to North America 500 years prior to columbus??

Category: Religion and Philosophy

https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/did-viking-woman-named-gudrid-really-travel-north-america-1000-years-ago-180977126/#.YEJrreg-5vg.twitter » Continue Reading

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In the midst of finishing up the business i have on Facebook...

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I managed to end up in facebook jail for once again using my first amendment right of free speech. And of course, I'm deemed a hate speech, bullying, person who's "terrorizing" other users. When that has never been the case in the slightest. More times than not, I'm simply educating someone about something they have the wrong information on. Or simply just responding to the ACTUAL hate speech i re... » Continue Reading

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Norse pagan

Category: Religion and Philosophy

My goal is to extend my reach to other heathens on my journey with the gods. Whether it's to obtain more knowledge, or to give my knowledge to others. I don't want to leave any stone unturned, I've been on Facebook trying to learn, same with Instagram, I've read tons of books, watched hours of videos. But nothing is better than learning one on one with an actual person to interact with.  I hope th... » Continue Reading

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