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Category: SpaceHey

If you are 13 or younger please dni!  If you are 25+ pls DNI Dsmp fan DNI if u r none of these feel free to send me a friend req :) » Continue Reading

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Sally Face Drawing!!

Category: Art and Photography

Drew this on procreate when i was at a friends house, enjoy!! timelapse included also here's the speedpaint! Speedpaint » Continue Reading

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Me n My Friends Halloween Costumes

Category: Art and Photography

HALLOWEEN COSTUMES I dressed up as a clown (obv) Me n My Bsf Some of My Other Friends The Vampires!! Bonus Pic After We Stopped By Mcdonalds » Continue Reading

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Seggsy Demon Man Fanart

Category: Art and Photography

This is and Old drawing but still one I love to this day :) original character is Specimen 11 from Spookys Jumpscare Mansion  » Continue Reading

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Painting Study

Category: Art and Photography

I am so proud of this idk how I did this  » Continue Reading

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Art from Requests :)

Category: Art and Photography

Sooo I struggled a lot w these for some reason, i redrew them and these are the redraw which is why it took so long. just a bit of art block i guess anyway here u go  the rabbit was a bit quick so its slightly flat but im still happy w the result โœ(โ—”โ—กโ—”)  These are a bit messy but they were really quick but im still overall happy w them :) enjoy updated rabbit drawing here  :P » Continue Reading

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Icebreaker Questions :D

Category: Quiz/Survey

So, I was looking at blogs and saw this 35 question one that i thought was interesting, im gonna ask the ones that i liked the best and will answer them myself, feel free to comment and answer urself :) 1) What is Your Idea of Perfect Happiness? I'd Probably have to say my adhd being cured, becoming a cis male (LOL) and having a loving partner/spouse :) oh and be a tattoo artist.  2) What is Your ... » Continue Reading

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