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Cosplay Memories

Category: Blogging

Happy day 1 on not-Myspace! I don't get the chance to cosplay much anymore, but I'm compiling photos to start posting some of my favorites from when I was a lot more active on the scene. I really miss it, but it costs a little too much money to keep up right now (esp while we're finishing up our wedding planning) and body dysmorphia is a real bitch. I know I'm not as young or as in shape as I us » Continue Reading

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Hang Tight

Category: Blogging

Just trying to remember how to do any kind of HTML/CSS coding to make this my own. It's one of the things I always missed about Myspace. Most of our pages were ugly as shit, but they were so personal and fun. I'm also hesitantly adding strangers just because I've been pretty lon » Continue Reading

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