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"This profile probs looks donkey caca on mobile, soz."

I am so silly; in this room I lay waste to; Yugi Moto stares.

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Category: Pets and Animals

I collect much a cat. An abundance, as to flood my Google Photos. These cat-related knick knack paddy whacks... ... Will disappear. After 3 days. Ish. Idk, I just wanted to try using  Litterbox .                   And  a final video here  (it wouldn't let me embed videos idk sorry I don't make the rules) I also realise the Litterbox thingy sounds like a plug. It really isn't. » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Istg, I'm going to build a bookshelf of entirely unfinished impulse-purchased notebooks , pen pads, and those fluffy tween diaries with those little locks that made me feel indestructibly secretive . All that to say, I can't keep consistent diaries. Here. Miscellaneous events - April time: 001 -- 1 star tourism Fletcher's little brother crossed the pond for a week . There was a minor expectation f... » Continue Reading

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Two Cents

Category: Blogging

Peak satisfaction is accidently doing something in time with the music you listen to, there's no greater feeling, sod off. I don't care about your 'best thing since sliced bread' nor your 'bee's knees' - knees don't have bees. No, I cast my fishing line in Stardew Valley just as the climax for a Beach Weather song played - it walks the thin line between angsty and poetic. That is all. » Continue Reading

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