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animation tips?? (procreate dreams n whatnot)

Category: Art and Photography

so i'm genuinely considering animating a short film for my school,.,.,. i was wondering if anyone has any tips? i'm pretty much a beginner i've done like a walk sequence and the bouncy ball thing but is there any thing i should look to do.. especially for something that's 3-5 minutes give or take  » Continue Reading

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losing my mind oh my GODDFFFFNNN

Category: Life

so at the moment i've got a relatively big school project i need to do (it's a short film give or take 3-5 minutes no dialogue) and my group mate love her to death she's my friend n all but recently.. god strike me down if i'm lying i'm going to LOSE IT   she's been on like her idgaf phase or something but holy fuck my grades are on the line too PLEASE START GIVING A FUCK I BEG OF YOU 😭😭😭 both my ... » Continue Reading

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blidn boxes r breakign my bank please STOP

Category: Life

ok so ive started buying these 2 specifc like blind box categories like one is silly little lizard guys and the other r silly birds and FUCK man i literally ok no they go for like 30 moneys each and i have like 6 right now and i still havent gotten my paycheck from my job like ur sooo funny but i gen have zero self control theyre so fuckign silly  » Continue Reading

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