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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

GUYS omg I ordered a pair of knee-high chucks (off brand converse bc NO WAY am I paying like hundreds for those x[) AND THEY GET HERE 2DAY ‼️‼️‼️ I AM SO EXCITED OMG.. they r taking 4EVER  x[ and its so disappointing!!! but hopefully they get here before pm bc I'm so excited ^o^ » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

GUYS!!!! I GOT A CAR. LIKE, FINALLY!!!! And it's so purrfect it literally matches me so well (I'm too short so I need pedal extenders so the steering wheel doesn't kill me if I get in a crash tho T_T)  BUT GET THIS!! IT HAS A CASSETTE PLATER!!! It's from like 2003 so it's older than me but ugh it's so perfect I love it so much she's literally my fav thing ever rn. And the other C is COMPUTER !!! ^... » Continue Reading

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My AP test !!

Category: Blogging

omg guyz i got my results back 2day fur my unit 5 exam in apworld!! and i was tied w/ sum1 fur the 2cd highest score!!! x3 I got 27/35 on it and omg!!! That's so exciting because it was a hard unit and most ppl scored under 25 !!!! x3  I'm su-purr excited and I just need someone 2 be un-purr-ievably purr-oud with me!!! ^o^ » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

debating whether or not to make this site known as one of my socials and possibly use it as like an update on my fics ^o^  none of my followers know about me here I think so >.>  I could maybe even post on here @_@ tho I don't think I'd do that one just bc I think its inconvenient :,) » Continue Reading

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