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BLOG ABT 2day!!!

Category: Life

2day i pretty much just slept honestly i waz pretty tired xP my hair extensionz came in today so i could FINALLY have some color in my hair!! :D i plan on dying my hair a hot pink color cuz like why not xDD but i need to bleach it first.. anywayz how do i put picz on here ? like how do i upload them ( ´・_・`) cuz i have no clue LOLZ!! also me and my mOm made slime and itz SO fluffy omg i wanna eaaa... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

HI THERE! My name iz Skittlez! Im 14-16 and bigender. x3 (he/him and she/her) Check out my profile for more info abt me )i kinda forgot half the thingz i wrote abt myself alreadyy) i rlly like vocaloid and i play piano and guitar (but i dont have my own guitar xP itz so sad but im saving for one!) letz be frendz! At first im kinda awkward just cuz im nervous but when i warm up to you im like rlly ... » Continue Reading

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