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best 2 weeks of my life,,,

Category: Life

my birthday happened the other week right,,, well yeah it was real fun I went to the mall and got a bunch of stuff :]]] then last week was valentines day!!! for once I actually had a valentine... I told one of my great friends/crush how I felt and he felt the same, meaning we started dating and I have a very amazing boyfriend now and I'm really really happy for him :333  byeee » Continue Reading

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BIRTHDAYYYY + bsf appreciation

Category: Life

ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! I'm gonna throw a party with one of my closest friends this weekend cuz his birthday is this week too :]  it'll be epic cuz I havent seen him in a while cuz he went to his moms over into the other state.. we always match our hair and surprisingly our parents knew each other back in the day so it's like we were destined to be friends.. soo,, yippeeeeee!!!!,!,!, » Continue Reading

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i have arrived,,,

Category: Life

sooo,, hii!!! i made a spacehey,,, what else to say... i just hope to make some cool friends or smth like that, that's all i guess??? » Continue Reading

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