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Category: Blogging

DNI whitewashing supporter, think blackwashing is real, think irls and kins are the same thing, problematic fandoms (DSMP, QSMP, Alfreds playhouse etc), TBATF stans, Txmtxrd shippers, TERFs, SWERFs, endo/supporter, anti-mogai, anti-neopronouns, anti-kin, anti-xenogenders, com/proshipper, rcta, NOMAP/MAP/PEDOPHILES, thinspo, anti-irl, anti-agere/petre, anti-furry, Cringe culture supporter, associat... » Continue Reading

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unnecessary dadspy rant

Category: Writing and Poetry

SIIIIIIIGHHH i just. i rlly want spy n scout to rekindle their relationship,, it hurts me on a physical level to see how much they hate eachother !!! u guys r family!!!!!  i spend so much time feverishly searching 4 wholesome dadspy content..... pleASE JUST TALK IT OUT GUYS MY HEART CANT TAKE MUCH MORE i rlly wanna write a fic or a comic where they argue and then realize how much care and love the... » Continue Reading

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So clumsy cuz im falling in loove!!!

Category: Blogging

I have a crush on this boy I know but I'm scared to tel him >_ < I'm afraid he won't like me back!! I've been thinking about telling him for months now but it never seems like the right time, and we barely talk anymore cuz he barely gets online when I'm online :( I like him so much, hes funny and makes me laugh and he likes the stuff I like!! I hope we can get to talk more often!!! » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I'm so tempted 2 change my layout... I already have twice!!! Therez just so many cool ones... What's a boy to do??? T_T » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I'm new 2 this site ^_^ it seems soooo kewl so I'm happy I finally caved and made a profile XD » Continue Reading

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