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"Spacehey has gone to shit! its just 13yo making drama" people

Category: SpaceHey

Its social media brutha plus if youre a 'Mature Adult'  youd Drop it like a dog. » Continue Reading

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Open Relationship Vs. Poly Relationship Vs. Un-Loyal Relationships

Category: Romance and Relationships

OPEN RELATIONSHIPS open relationships are when both parties agree to stay together but also agree to have other Romantic and Sexual partners. It is heavily emphasized on the both parties agreeing. POLY RELATIONSHIPS  POLY relationships are when 3 or more people are all dating at the same time, all partners are aware of the others existence and give everyone equal affection. UN-LOYAL /CHEATING This... » Continue Reading

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Blogging juat to blog

Category: Blogging

"Monopath? MONOPATH?" The young cybertronian called out, fear filled every fiber of his body, it had been a trap, the were led to a decepticon base instead of a vacant parking lot, should've known better than to trust an Ex-Decepticon, he couldn't find her, where was she? She was the only bit of Cybertron he had with him, his sister, He transformed into his alt mode, that of a Four Wheeler, and dr... » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

Cataloging my dope  NAMES [INCOMPLETE/NEEDS HELP] Bumblebee-->YellowJacket Prowl--> Krakenshaw Bulkhead--> Headbutt Optimus Prime/Orion Pax--> Orional Ratchet--->Gunner Blurr-->Its still blurr CliffJumper-->Hike Arcee-->Cee [I dunno??] Skyfire/Jetfire-->NightFlame/DarkFlame Jazz-->Razzmatazz  // BACKSTORY [needs work] So basically it starts off swapped! Orion Pax is a famed Galdiaror whilst Megatr... » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

https://spacehey.com/profile?id=2115677 Please do not Report this account , I have created this to Lure proshippers, I am going undercover and I will be keeping track of them up on this blog. Thank you. Users > https://spacehey.com/wolfstampedsocks Incest supporter > https://spacehey.com/ichika > https://spacehey.com/nepetaships > » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

  whats up with this SLater shit in the User area?? » Continue Reading

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Gonna Engineer my goddamn limit

Category: Games

For the 400th million time, I cant take another "NEED A DISPENSER HERE" or Teleporter request or anything! IM SO OVER IT GOD DAMN DUDDIT DAMNIT! I CANT KEEP PLAYING AS ENGINEEER OR ELSE IM GONNA ESXPLOSDEEEEEE. I might just become a 1000 hour spy main I cant take it UGH. » Continue Reading

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