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I made a Welcome Home shrine on my webpage!!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I'm actually really jazzed about it, because it was really my first time dabbling in JS. Though my code is super spaghetti. I need to clean it up. .-. it's best viewed at 1920x1080 but i'll be adapting to smaller resolutions soonish. » Continue Reading

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another?? Layout?? about my blorbo from Welcome Home??

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

i'm on a ROLL LATELY I felt inspiration to make more layouts and!! this time it's about my blorbos!!! making a layout abotu something i love is super easy holy hell. it helps when the update is just around the corner too. ok ok I'm just really proud of m » Continue Reading

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omg I can't believe i made a layout

Category: SpaceHey

I'm actually so proud of myself! It took me a few hours, but I had a random boost of inspiration! the only problem is that it'd definitely break if it were in different resolutions lmfao. So mobile definitely wouldn't be able to view it hahah.  || Code: Here » Continue Reading

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I'm re-learning icon and stamp making

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

it's been like 16 years since i did this and it's like unlocking my inner demons idk what i'm doing lmao but i'm dumping 2 that i did tonight » Continue Reading

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