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Rave Update XDDD

Category: Blogging

WE SOLD OUT??? Not only did we sell out, but we went over capacity !!! It was a 250 capacity, and we had over 300 people. AT OUR FIRST SHOW EVER? INSANEEE. It was a banger. It surprisingly went really well and the sets went by so smoothly :D People moshed, made new friends, got fucked up, i got carried in the middle of my set? like whaaat? We made so much m » Continue Reading

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shitting bricks

Category: Blogging

imma treat dis hoe as a diary. N e ways. Tomorrow (technically tonight because it's officially the 15th) is my first show. Like i fully organized this. Me and friends are performing and raving all nite long. Over 100 people are coming. THATS FUKING INSANEEEEE. HOOOOWWW. how. It has been a stressful ass 2 months. It was hectic as fuck and so much miscommunication and drama n shit. its all so silly.... » Continue Reading

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