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shitting bricks

imma treat dis hoe as a diary.

N e ways.

Tomorrow (technically tonight because it's officially the 15th) is my first show. Like i fully organized this. Me and friends are performing and raving all nite long. Over 100 people are coming. THATS FUKING INSANEEEEE. HOOOOWWW. how.

It has been a stressful ass 2 months. It was hectic as fuck and so much miscommunication and drama n shit. its all so silly.

Kaka poopoo part is the fact that i have 3 finals due this weekend and i haven't started any of them. That is self-love. 

I talk alot and i rlly shouldn't. 2 lazy 2 keep typing because of these nailz. Can barely make music rn. Beauty is pain fr (insert 100 emoji)

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yoooooooo i just went to my first rave and that's a huge step as an artist, congrats! lmk how it goes that sounds sick as fuckkkkkkk :0

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