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"snoopy's gon snoop"

24 years old | Sedalia, Missouri | Single | Gay| Factory worker

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Missing the beach

Category: Blogging

I live in missouri so the only "beach" I ha e access to is the Ozarks but its February..... theres not a better place for me than an actual beach on a hot sunny day with good music playing and good drinks/bud.... ugh... I think I'm gonna take a road trip down to florida soon... cant take missouri anymore!!!! I deserve to be on the coast of somewhere beautiful (however that song goes lmfaool) ✌ » Continue Reading

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This or That

Category: Games

cake or pie? cheesecake ► cat person or dog person? both!!! I have 6 cats and a 3 month old blue nose pitbull.  ► XBox or PlayStation? I have an Xbox One S but I have to say playstation is better because I like the graphics in their games. ► pop music or rock music? Both but I love my rock ► pancakes or waffles? Egos waffles with PB and maple syrup. ► morning person or night owl? There are times w... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Can't seem to find the perfect layout lmfaooo i feel like i am in 2007 right now!!! Crazzyyyyyyyyyyy » Continue Reading

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