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new hair new me!

Category: Life

i got my hair done a few days ago after having it faded with roots grown out for like months  and i’m so happy w it :3 idk what the cut would be called but it’s slightly above shoulder length and pretty layered w bangs and a cutout around the ears. and it’s colored red and black! it’s ridiculous how much a good haircut can change ur whole mood. i even washed it w cold  water for the first time in ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

haven’t used this in a while :p partially bc i forgot but also bc i’m not sure what to say! i usually don’t have much to say. but sometimes i can ramble on. what do ppl even talk about ヾ(  ̄O ̄)ツ ! idk… i’ll keep thinking i suppose!  » Continue Reading

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sick again x.x

Category: Life

last time i got sick was a month ago and i had to miss out on seeing the front bottoms :((( i still haven't gotten over that. thankfully now i don't have anything fun coming up but god am i miserable. i'm currently congested out of my mind ughhhhh. hopefully i feel better tomorrow .-. » Continue Reading

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