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Spacehey's moderation

Category: SpaceHey

God, this site NEEDS better moderation. I'm mass reporting lots of the gore accounts right now and bro, it's just so lame that they keep coming. I don't feel anything in particular about it, just so " dude this is just boring. get a life lil bro " because MANNN this shit is just the lamest thing to do. mfs need a life other than mass creating gore accounts » Continue Reading

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get me out of here!!

Category: School, College, University

okay, so like i knoww school is pretty important, atleast how society views it, but like I DONT WANNA GO TO SCHOOL!! i genuinely hate it here sm and in the end, im learning a bunch of stuff that i'll end up NEVER needing in life!! theres no reason for me to learn so much random stuff only to end up using what? 5 things at most?? just get me out of here atppp » Continue Reading

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Guide 2 studying!!

Category: School, College, University

haii!! welcom 2 my studying guide!!  (๑ᵔ⤙ᵔ๑) pre-study • get some water    - hydration is important! » Continue Reading

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