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My Experiences with Supernatural Dreams

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Hey! Whoever decides to read this thank youu!! I was just posting about this to maybe get some insight on what this may be! Enjoy! (The contents of what I am about to explain are real and personal. Mentions of death are in these stories.) • This first occurrence of this happening was when I had my first cat. She wasn't old she was barely one and she had her issues but overall we thought she was he... » Continue Reading

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A Fun Quiz!

Category: Quiz/Survey

1.) Favorite color? 2.) Favorite song? 3.) Favorite food? 4.) Favorite animal? 5.) What's your name? 6.) What's your age? 7.) What's the phase that you had/have that you like the most? 8.) What's the one thing you'd like to say to get to know you as a person better? 9.) What's » Continue Reading

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