My Experiences with Supernatural Dreams

Hey! Whoever decides to read this thank youu!! I was just posting about this to maybe get some insight on what this may be! Enjoy! (The contents of what I am about to explain are real and personal. Mentions of death are in these stories.)

• This first occurrence of this happening was when I had my first cat. She wasn't old she was barely one and she had her issues but overall we thought she was healthy and fine. She then started to get sick and she was so sick to the point she had to be rushed to the vet. We were sure she would be fine but I had a dream that night that she was to die soon. I knew she didn't die yet but I brushed it off thinking I was just having a nightmare because of how worried I was about her. But then later that day they had to put her down because they knew she wouldn't get better.

•The next occurrence of this happening was a little over a year maybe going on two years now I forgot what time or even month it happend so fast and it almost feels blurry except for my dream. I believe it's something more supernatural because I have never had dreams such as these before and they don't really scare me but it frightens me when they come true. This is when my grandmother was feeling more ill but she always recovered so we thought not much of her small colds and heart issues those were normal and she was old. But everything changed when I had a dream the night before that my grandmother would unfortunately meet her death. I have never dreamt of this stuff before I've had weird dreams and nightmares but nothing this personal. I brushed it off as a weird nightmare but that night my parents went to see her and they found her dead in her house. It wasn't anything as brutal as it appeared in my dream but she still died in the end.

•The most recent occurrence of this happening was over the summer in June. I had a boyfriend and everything was fine until the dream. I had seemingly randomly dreamt of him leaving me walking away silently and not coming back. Of course I forgot about the other times and brushed it off again and then later that day he blocks me on everything. I got over him but I still don't understand this curse of mine. I thought my dreams were only showing me what deaths of people I knew and cared about were to come but I know now they show me big things that happen very quickly that actually change my life in bigger ways. 

I just want to understand this more and I'd like if someone could help. I hope I'm not the only one but at the same time I don't want to wish this upon any others. If you have an idea what might be happening or what it is please respond and tell me.

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Dreams, as far as we know, have no true explanation as to why or how they happen. Our greatest guess is that your brain is trying to make sense of random Neurons firing while you're asleep.

With that being said, I've always had dreams similar to yours that seem oddly connected to reality -- sometimes as if they predict future events. My friends, on the other hand, tend to have abstract dreams with no real meaning (or no dreams at all). You can believe whatever you feel makes the most sense, since there is no findings that can truly deny your beliefs on dreams. If you feel as if your dreams continue to have intense connections to reality, there is no harm in believing you have spiritual connections through dreaming. Spirituality is a fluid belief.

Sometimes these types of dreams are also tied to traumatic events, so if you have experienced recent trauma it can be appearing in the form of vivid, emotional dreams/nightmares.

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