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Category: Art and Photography

had a weird dream about this place so i thought i'd check in with everyone. how r u?? uhh i turned 24 about a week ago and dyed my hair again so i'm back to my freak self. between work and playing destiny 2 i also managed to doodle a little ! shocking » Continue Reading

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my secret new housemate

Category: Art and Photography

i have a colony of dragons living in my front yard and in the two trees there, but yesterday, i found someone who lives behind the shed and i didn't even know. she let me take a nice photo of her to add to my collection of housemate photos. i call them my dragon colony, but i just have a bunch of texas spiny lizards living around the house. i lov » Continue Reading

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stardew valley sebastian portrait mod!

Category: Art and Photography

i made a sebastian portrait mod last year and realized there may be a few people here that would enjoy it! most mods are to make sebastian less emo and i was like... what's wrong with u....  anyways here's the link to the nexus post if you're interested (i love reading the comments on it lolol) » Continue Reading

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group for oc creators

Category: Art and Photography

thought i'd share this in a blog post too to spread the word: i made a group for original character creators called oc purgatory ! it's for people who want to discuss and share stuff related to their ocs. i've been absolutely absorbed in mine for so long now and i know i'm not alone, so pop in and say hi and start a topic if you'd like :) i'd like to host activities and games like daily questions ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

ok i kind of sorted out my html a little bit and combed through my massive list of friend requests (already? damn). reminder that i don't accept requests from people under 18. if i can't see your age because it's not listed/your layout burns my retinas straight through, you will forever remain in friend request purgatory lol. no hate, i'm just an old cave dweller with very sensitive eyes. » Continue Reading

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