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Katatonia Primer

Category: Music

Introduction: Katatonia are a Swedish alternative metal band formed in 1991. Over the years, they have explored a number of genres ranging between death-doom metal, black metal, alternative metal, gothic metal, gothic rock, progressive rock, progressive metal. Despite these often dramatic differences in style over their many albums, they are best-known for their melancholic atmosphere incorporated... » Continue Reading

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Fictionkind Tag Meme (Blank)

Category: Quiz/Survey

Fictionkind Tag Meme: made by @Otherkin (SpaceHey URL: Raikou ) on Vent on the 9th of September 2022. For people who identify as a fictional character, i.e. fictionkin(d), this is geared towards spiritual 'kin and people with more detailed knowledge of their fictotype. You can skip anything you can't / don't want to answer. Tagged by: » Continue Reading

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Interest Tag Meme (Blank)

Category: Quiz/Survey

Interest Tag Meme made by @Otherkin (SpaceHey URL: Raikou ) on Vent on the 30th of May 2022. This is geared towards media-based interests: television, film, video games, literature, etc. Feel free to skip over any questions that do not apply or you don't want to answer, but do not remove them. Tagged by: What interest(s) are » Continue Reading

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Alterhuman Tag Meme (Blank)

Category: Quiz/Survey

Alterhuman Tag Meme: made by @Otherkin (SpaceHey URL: Raikou ) on Vent on the 31st of January 2022. Alterhuman, as defined for the purpose of this tag meme, is any identity or experience that differs from what is generally considered human. This tag meme is focused on those with some degree of nonhumanity (therianthropes, otherkin, nonhuman fictionkin, copinglinke » Continue Reading

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Some Birds

Category: Pets and Animals

Here’s some of my favourite illustrations from one of my 1980’s bird guides, scanned/edited by me: Goshawk » Continue Reading

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