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"1 fuck3d yr m0m"

✪ body iz 7teen ✪ 1'm in EST ✪ PLUR

Mood: tired as fuck!!!!! school sux!!!!!!!

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free userboxez!! [plural/sys, poly, pan, ND, just weird]

Category: SpaceHey

[TQ translation at bottom!!] 1 h4v3 b33n fuck1ng 4r0und (+ f1nd1ng 0ut!) s0 h3r3’z s0m3 us3rb0x3z, b1tch3z! just l1nk 2 my p4ge 1f u us3, 31th3r put: userboxes by r1l3y und3r th3m, 0r h4v3 th3m l1nk 2 my p4g3 by putt1ng th1s: k, thx! h3r3 u g0!       [translation - by crow] i have been fucking around (+ finding out!) so here’s some userboxes, bitchez! just link 2 my page if u use, either put: user... » Continue Reading

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