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long time no see :3 !!

Category: Blogging

soryr for going inactive for a month LOLLLL ive been super busy and stressed tbh but i really missed spacehey :p so maybe comment how youre doing or somethinf, tell me a fun fact maybe ^-^ IDK! i just wanna interact with people  hehehe x3 » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

i dont have much to sayy but hi every1 hope youre all well ^__^ im currently watching an ace attorney justice for all playthrough and soon im gonna play roblox with some irls ^u^ i didnt  really have a great day but im sure that can change .love u all !!! :3 » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

i FINALLYYY beat sonic 2!!!! i didnt get every chaos emerald but i got 2 of them which is hoenstly good enough for me *^.^* i unlocked new art from beatinf it and im so excited to check it all oute :33!!! i want to try beatinf sonic 1 next but scrap brain zone is sooo hard ..i think ill move on to sonic 3  » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

playing splatoon 3 right now trying to complete my catalogue ^__^!!!!! i love tjis game sooo much if anyone wants my switch friend code its SW-1889-6258-5579 :33 if you add me please comment or message me to let me know who you are ^_^ on the topic of splatoon i miss off the hook and squid beats sooo much.... i also miss some of the splat2 maps like kelp dome .......i really miss some of the splat... » Continue Reading

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