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"What do you mean I'm a masochist I just like shiny hunting"

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Stamps or Blinkies Survey

Category: Quiz/Survey

Hi Spacehey! I'm curious about what users on here like more: stamps or blinkies? Below I tried embedding a Google form which sadly did not show up so I've linked it below: Please share this survey with others! I'm not sure how long it will be up, but I promise to keep it around for a few months. Thank you all in advance! » Continue Reading

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Web Graphics I Made

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Last updated: January 24, 2024 Now Playing: Battle Vapor - Toby Fox Feel free to use any of them! (Someone's probably had the same stamp ideas way before me but whatever it's fun + mine look way better and cooler (debatable)) (yes yes i know im a loser) The one singular blinkie I made: Some HxH 1999 Gifs I've made (these take a while to load so please be patient): » Continue Reading

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smexy blog

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

wow much hot so sugoi dasu i hope the music works edit: aw mannn music no worky :( edit 2: it works when I put it in WYSIWYG ??????????? edit 3: ok I guess that autoplaying music just isn't a thing for blogs the more you know :D edit 4: i had auto-play blocked smh (-_-) » Continue Reading

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