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Top Ten Games of 2022

Category: Games

At what point does passion die? I've been consuming video games for more than eighty percent of my life at this point, and despite my best efforts I tend to find fewer and fewer of them actually resonate with me whatsoever. Every time I do find one I can lose myself in I appreciate it, but for some it feels like that can happen every week or so. I'm lucky to get one every two months. This might be... » Continue Reading

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Top Ten Games of 2021

Category: Games

I used to do these write-ups on Facebook before they discontinued the "Notes" feature after learning I was the only person who actually took advantage of it. Even still, last year I barely wrote anything on the subject, mostly because I didn't have much to say. It was a bad year with an unappealing (to me, at least) selection of games from a medium that I so desperately want to see flourish despit... » Continue Reading

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I Still Possess a Fraction of My Morality (Or: That Time Someone Wanted Me to Join a Pyramid Scheme)

Category: Life

I feel like this is a story worth telling, and considering A, I maintain most of my anonymity on this site, and B, no where else would be a good fit, this is where it shall be told. A few days ago, I was contacted on Facebook (forgive my still using it) by someone who I have not spoken to in several years. We were never close, necessarily, but I worked under him for a play he directed for a class ... » Continue Reading

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