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Category: Life

your the typa person i would take a beating from over and over again because i love you more than anythjng you arent that typa person from what i perceive but if u are u can always beat rhe shit outta me C: » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

j want you to hold me in your arms i want you to welcome me back and tell me ur deep love for me once more and tell me jtll all be okay and i am deluded,,!!! i need u to say this actualky i need ur words to guide me and i need ur warmth to tell me what u say is real C: » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

i want to hold you and never let go i want u to feel my warmth i want to hold u until u feel like ur suffocating and u tell me to stop and let go but i dont i sit there and let u endure that pain because i dont want to let go its selfish but i need u to feel me wnd know im real and there in those moments until u can wiggle urself free from me  » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

i do not understand people that have like oddly specific dnis or ljek... obvious dnis ykwim like why is "dni if you are a fan of that one mlp character that was in the backround of s2 ep9 3:02" ljek WHAT!! or they have stuff like "dni if ur raicst" ljke no shit ion thknk u want a racist interacting with u but ljke what that shit is totally meaningless and loser ljke... guys STOP MAKINF ODDBALL DNI... » Continue Reading

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she wnats revenge

Category: Music

i lvoe she wants revenge im gonna explode » Continue Reading

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