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Category: Life

1. i struggle with paranoia, delusions, and anger issues 2. i usually make fun of my friends as a joke, if that kind of humor makes u uncomfy sorry 3. at first in dms im very dry, its the digital social anxiety actin up 4. i openly talk about DDLB (daddy dom little boy) bc its a comfort 4 me. if u dont like that just dont friend me 5. i also talk about general sexual stuff often in bulletins 6. ye... » Continue Reading

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dni list [IMPORTANT]

Category: Life

most of these entries r here cause i will have trouble keepin my mouth shut if u talk about em (just bein honest :cry:) - genshin impact fans - cookie run fans - danganronpa fans - hazbin hotel/helluva boss fans - ranfren fans - ppl who make fun of my taste unironically - basic dni criteria - "reality checkers" (ur not helpin most of the time kinda gets annoyin) - ppl younger than 13 or older than... » Continue Reading

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get 2 know me

Category: Life

heyhey!! names nick, but u can call me cowcow as well. is just like a lil nickname i use lol. im a male, autistic, gay, lithromantic, 183 yr old dhampir. im also a metalhead and overall music nerd... is my whole life :happy: i am colombian n costa rican but dont rlly speak spanish that well, im still learnin !! help is very much appreciated ik some mfs r gonna think "haha omg nick u like the jonas... » Continue Reading

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album chart for august

Category: Music

my ratin: 6.5/10 tbh im confused on how a majority of these are here, like i only remember listenin to FTSI once last month H » Continue Reading

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fav popstars n what i think their fav death/goregrind album would be!!

Category: Music

ok this is mostly a joke but also not.. hard to explain :skull: nick jonas - DDDA by helleruin    hard 2 explain but i can imagine him listenin if i try hard enough joe jonas - SBSDIDM by defeatist    he would like the crazy sounds more and always have his headphones full vol so ppl hear it. goin deaf just to look scary (hes jus like me!!) kevin jonas - die by hurt    even tho he 100% calls metal ... » Continue Reading

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some pics of ray toro ya

Category: Music

i am one of the biggest ray stans to ever walk on this earth. i (think i) own one of the BIGGEST collections of ray pics, over 4k photos across all sites i use if u wanna see my pinterest board of him my user is cowcow_1337                    quick bonus lol: ik its more of a frank pic but ray looks so cute in the bg » Continue Reading

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