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fav popstars n what i think their fav death/goregrind album would be!!

ok this is mostly a joke but also not.. hard to explain :skull:

nick jonas - devils, death, and dark arts by helleruin

hard 2 explain but i can imagine him listenin if i try hard enough

joe jonas - sharp blade sinks deep into dull minds by defeatist

he would like the crazy sounds more and always have his headphones full vol so ppl hear it. goin deaf just to look scary (hes jus like me!!)

kevin jonas - die by hurt  

even tho he 100% calls metal shit like "hard rock" IF we lived in a world where he didnt this would be it

shawn mendes - careless pursuit of radiance by behest

(THIS BAND ONLY HAS LIKE 15 MONTHLY LISTENERS RN SO BE HAPPY IM SHARIN THEM..) he would purposely try to find super unknown bands just to look cooler to his friends :skull: 

charlie puth - when the light dies by luciferian rites

hes new and is just playin around with some basic lil tunes

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